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Butt, Honest-ly

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There is really nothing softer than a baby’s bum and after 7 weeks of caring for my little one, I want to share some of my favorite baby products! Even before getting pregnant, I loved the Honest Company. Not only are their products free of nasty chemicals, they have a wide variety of amazing personal care and household products oh and absolutely adorable diaper designs.

Honest DiaperWhile pregnant, I placed my first order for an Essentials Bundle where you get to choose 5 personal care or household cleaning products for $35.95. Since it’s important to be careful around chemicals when pregnant, I felt great about using their natural cleaning products and even switched to using their shampoo and conditioner!

Honest Bum

Back to baby bums… I obviously love the diapers but I also have fallen in love with their baby products, especially their Soothing Bottom Wash! It’s kind of like a pre-wash that you spray on your baby’s bum before wiping and I swear it has eliminated diaper rash since you don’t have to wipe as hard to make sure your baby’s bum is clean as a whistle! I also finish off my changing routine with their Organic Baby Powder.

Not only do I love how well the Honest Company products, I also love knowing that everything touching my baby’s skin is organic and free of any harsh chemicals!

Feel free to use my referral link and get $20 off your first diaper bundle: http://www.honest.com/refer/849148

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