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Baths are Overrated

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At just over a year old, the time has finally come where Bradley no longer fits into his amazing infant puj tub

While Bradley absolutely loves splishing and splashing in his baby pool on a hot day but put him in a “big boy” bath and he is not a happy camper. The moment I attempt to wash or rinse his hair, he freaks out and slides under the water for a second while we both have heart attacks! I never understood the concept of a bath in the first place… how does soaking in your own diluted filth make you clean? I’ve always felt the need to shower after taking a bath!Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.54.53 PM.png

One day as I was attempting to take a shower while Bradley was awake, I brought some toys in the bathroom so he could play while I took a speed shower… within a minute of being in the shower, Bradley peeled back the curtain and crawled in (fully clothed). This got me thinking that maybe a shower would be a better option for bathing him! I stripped him out of his wet clothes and put some of his bath toys at the bottom of the shower. He loved sitting under the stream of warm water just playing with his toys. For some reason, this water he did not mind hitting his head and it made washing his hair and body 100% easier for us! I no longer had to worry about him slipping under the water in a tub and he actually was CLEAN after since I was able to rinse off all the soap easily.Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 5.54.03 PM.png

Do you always do baths or have you tried showering with your baby? Curious to know what works best for your family!

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