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I Cry When I Stub My Toe (and I Gave Birth Naturally)

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People assume that I must have an extremely high tolerance for pain since I have birth without any drugs. This is simply not the case. I am notorious for stubbing my toe and cursing like a sailor with tear filled eyes…

All pain is not created equal. When you unexpectedly hurt yourself, it’s painful. When you can prepare for and educate yourself on how your body works during labor and birth, you can change your perception of the pain. I don’t even like using the word “pain” as it creates fear around such a natural and amazing process. Knowledge is so powerful and can make a huge difference in your birth experience. Birth Record

When you’re unaware of how your body works, you feel these foreign sensations and tense up with fear of the unknown. This causes your body to go into the “fight or flight mode (releasing cortisol) which causes you to feel more intense pain and can actually inhibit your body’s ability to work efficiently. Being able to breathe deeply and relax, makes a world of difference.

To any mama’s looking to give birth naturally, don’t assume that because you have a low pain tolerance, you NEED an epidural. Distinguishing progress from pain was the key for me during labor. I knew my body and baby we’re working together and my job was to let go and let it happen. While I’ll be the first to admit that it’s nearly impossible to fully relax when you’re having double peaking contractions, being able to mentally stay calm and accept the sensations, you can do it!

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