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A Toddler Nursling

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I never imagined nursing my son past a year, but here we are at a year and a half with no end in sight. A part of me is ready to move on from this stage but the other is just cherishing these precious moments of bonding with my toddler.


Nursing my son at 18 months. [Photo by Stephanie Lynne Photography]

Here are just a few reasons why I love nursing my toddler:


Breast milk doesn’t one day no longer have nutritional value for your child. Even on days when he refuses to eat much real food (whether it be teething or feeling under the weather), I am reassured that he is at least getting nutrients and antibodies from my milk.


The snuggles are far and few once you hit the toddler stage of non-stop exploring and independence. When Bradley makes his sign for “milk” after bumping his head on the table, I love being able to instantly fix his boo-boo and calm him down by nursing. I also love being able to nurse him peacefully to sleep.

My Health

Knowing that my son is getting nutrients from my body, I am incentivized to eat well balanced diet. I also am comforted knowing that nursing reduces your risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer.


I don’t know what I would do to calm my son on an airplane if it weren’t for breastfeeding! Takeoffs and landings are a breeze when he is nursing. No need to worry about popping ears, a little milk and white noise and he’s off to Zzzzz land.

People are always curious about when I will wean him… I haven’t decided and it’s really not my decision to make. I will wait for cues that my son is ready and follow his lead. I know he won’t be a baby forever and he will eventually give up nursing… but for now, it works for us!

How long did you nurse for? What was most rewarding/challenging?

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