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Why You’ll Never Hear Me Complain

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Being a mother isn’t always pretty or easy but it is certainly a privilege. I know this first hand since several friends of mine have or are struggling with infertility. There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for my son, Bradley. That being said, of course I am only human and of course there are days or times when I feel overwhelmed and vent to my husband but not once have lost sight of how lucky I am to be his mom.


Before having Bradley, people tried to scare me about how horrendous labor would be (I found my natural birth to be an incredibly powerful and positive experience) and then once he was born, “Oh just wait until he starts (insert milestone: teething, crawling, walking).” This mentality really bothers me. Yes, there will be difficult times (I’m not trying to glorify parenthood) but why can’t we be encouraged to embrace these milestones instead of fear them? All too often I see posts on Facebook about lack of sleep, how terrible teething or the “terrible twos”/”threenager” stages are.

While it is healthy to vent and get a break from the craziness of motherhood, it’s also important (in my opinion) not to publicly shame your child for… well, being a child! I don’t think anyone decided to have a child so they could make their life easier and less chaotic. The gold standard of parenting shouldn’t be when your baby “sleeps through the night” or starts solids.

It’s important to sometimes take a step back, listen to you baby and follow your instincts as a mother. Your baby will not be a baby forever, in fact they grow up in a blink of an eye. So before your next Facebook rant, take a deep breath, be thankful for you blessing(s) and just love on your child.

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