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Hospital Birth? What to Pack…

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So you’ve decided to deliver your baby at a hospital and you’re wondering what you need to bring with you, right? Well, first of all, make sure that you take a hospital tour and get to know the environment/what kind of amenities they offer (do they have showers/tubs, birth balls, squatting bar, etc.). Keep in mind, even if they do have birth balls, some hospitals have limited quantity, so it’s a good idea to bring your own or have your doula bring one!

Here is a list of things you may want to bring:

For Mom: Doula (okay, you can’t physically pack them but have reminder to call as soon as labor begins), Birth Plan (printed & digital copies), Lip Balm (trust me on this one), Snacks (high protein & easy to digest) Birth Affirmations, Playlist (birth soundtrack), Pillow (or other comfort from home), Birth Ball, Diffuser for essential oils (lavender is great for helping you relax), Toiletries (so you can feel human again), Camera, Phone (chargers for both), and last but not least your Confidence!

For Dad: Swim Trunks (in case mom wants to go in shower/tub and needs your support), Change of Clothes & Sweatshirt (laboring moms are hot which means they like the room COLD), Energy Drinks, Snacks (high protein), Comfort Measures (you may need to bust out the double hip squeeze or give mom some counter pressure) and your A-Game.

For Baby: Going Home Outfit (don’t forget a hat and mittens), Car Seat (go to a car seat check to make sure it’s properly installed), Honest Soothing Bottom Wash (this works miracles for meconium) and your Unconditional Love.

Try not to overpack and have all your things organized so that dad or your doula can easily find things like your snacks and lip balm 🙂

What do you have packed in your birth bag? I’d love to hear what you’re planning to bring or what you found helpful for a previous hospital birth!

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