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Preggo Product: Piper Wai

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Since I’m pregnant, I’ve decided to start a new blog series about products I love to use during my pregnancy. First up is the natural deodorant, Piper Wai


Our skin is our largest organ and while pregnant it’s even more important to limit the amount of chemicals and yucky stuff we lather on our skin. One thing, that’s a must is deodorant… but I hated using the aluminum kind (especially while growing another human). I had been searching for an alternative but had no luck and kept going back to my aluminum-laced Secret deodorant.

If you watch Shark Tank, you may have seen the inventors of Piper Wai strike a deal! Having tried many natural “deodorants” in the past, I was super disappointed with their lack of effectiveness. After hearing this pitch, I immediately placed an order and waited patiently for weeks for my shipment (they were obviously bombarded with orders). When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked!


I love how they use charcoal and essential oils along with other natural ingredients. It smells amazing and I’m happy to say I’ve completely ditched my old deodorant! If you’re looking for an alternative to your current deodorant (whether you’re pregnant or not) I definitely recommend Piper Wai

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One thought on “Preggo Product: Piper Wai

  1. Thank you for this blog post!


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