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My Decision to Plan a Home Birth

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Choosing to birth at home was not a decision I made lightly… In fact I never even really considered the idea until recently. I’m still not 100% committed but I have decided to plan for my dream birthing environment! I certainly don’t want to take on any unnecessary risks and if any red flags come up (GBS+, blood pressure issues, etc.) I will certainly change my plans accordingly.


The birth of my son Bradley was a literal whirlwind. When labor begin, I was basically in hard active labor immediately and was in transition just few short hours later. Since subsequent babies tend to come even quicker, I was having a lot of anxiety about when to head to hospital and worrying that I wouldn’t have time to set up/use all of my birthing equipment (birth tub, stool, etc.). I kept envisioning my husband lugging all my birth swag and struggling to get everything set up in our small hospital room only to have to follow hospital policy and get out of tub every 20 mins… It just seemed overwhelming and stressful. Not to mention, if I decided to labor at home… we may have a baby born at home by accident. I decided it made more sense just to prepare for the possibility of birthing at home and now I’m pretty excited about that option 🙂 


After a lot of thought and writing down how I envisioned my ideal birth, I realized that being able to set up my own space in advance and being able to labor and birth however I feel I need/want to is such a relief. I am lucky that my doula also happens to be a midwife (Brittney Maddox) and that she is willing to deliver my baby at home if I feel safe and confident in that decision when the day arrives. I also have an amazing OB (Dr. Bellmann) who I will continue to see for prenatal visits and who will be on-call as my backup if I decide or need to deliver at the local hospital.


Of course I have some fears… what if something is wrong with baby? What if I start to hemorrhage after birth? These are all factors I am taking into consideration and being proactive about. Luckily, I live very close to the hospitals and would have a short transfer time if an emergency occurred. Having the confidence of a previous natural and uncomplicated birth and a “proven pelvis” (haha that term make me giggle… our bodies were designed to birth babies… but it is reassuring to KNOW that my body is capable) gives me a lot of confidence. I will continue to prepare my mind, body and soul for my upcoming birth and see the path it takes me 🙂

If you’ve had a home birth, I would love to hear what helped you prepare mentally?

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