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Our 25 Month Breastfeeding Journey


So the day finally came… about 2 weeks ago (July 12th to be exact), Bradley self weaned after 25 months of nursing! I’m proud to have provided the best nourishment for so long and happy that it came to a peaceful and gradual end for both of us.


Nursing my son at 18 months. Photo by Stephanie Lynn Photography

The plan was only to breastfeed for a year but once we reached that milestone, it was clear that he was nowhere ready to be done with his mama milk. I decided to let him take the lead and continue nursing on demand until he decided it was time to be done. I did have a fear in the back of my mind… envisioning nursing my high school senior because he never decided to wean lol.

When I found out I was pregnant with baby number two, I noticed that nursing became a bit painful and I began offering less and only nursing when he asked. Around two years he would only ask to nurse before bed and this continued for a few months. I knew my milk was pretty much gone and that he was just nursing for comfort. So one night I could tell he was really tired… I put on some armor (sweatshirt without easy access) and just snuggled him until he fell asleep. I thought it was a fluke but the next night he didn’t ask to nurse and hasn’t since!

While I’m honestly relieved that I have a short break before nursing my baby girl (due in November) I’m a little sad to see that my baby is really growing up and becoming less dependent on me. The true test will be when baby girl arrives and my milk comes back in full force if he will want to nurse again. I will keep you posted 😉

I’d love to hear about your breastfeeding and weaning journeys!

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5 thoughts on “Our 25 Month Breastfeeding Journey

  1. It’s nice that it was a gradual stop for you both. We are just about to reach a year of breastfeeding, I can’t believe it! She definitely isn’t ready to stop either but I truly hope we have a similar peaceful ending to our breastfeeding journey when she is ready 🙂


    • Congrats on making the one year mark! Way to go mama. I never envisioned it going so smoothly… I think the key is to go slow and not to offer, just to nurse when they ask (we taught Bradley baby sign language and he loved using the milk sign;)) I hope you and your sweet girl have a gradual and peaceful transition!


      • That’s great and funny as we have also taught our daughter baby sign! She uses the milk sign so much that even our friends know when she wants it hehe! Thank you, fingers crossed!


  2. Oh this sounds exactly like my John, he just turned a year old and hasn’t even thought about weaning, he loves his milk/time with mom. I feel like with his personality he will nurse far longer than we both expected. I think he will need it emotionally. So great to hear a successful smooth transition to weaning that doesn’t make me feel pressured to make my son independent faster!


    • Boys love their mama milk ❤ I was pleasantly surprised with how smoothly it ended! I'm so glad I didn't force weaning earlier (even though it became painful while pregnant) and that he decided to quit on his own. Way to go for nursing a year and beyond! You do what works for you and John… He will decide when it's time 🙂


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