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Our 25 Month Breastfeeding Journey

So the day finally came… about 2 weeks ago (July 12th to be exact), Bradley self weaned after 25 months of nursing! I’m proud to have provided the best nourishment for so long and happy that it came to a peaceful and gradual end for both of us.


Nursing my son at 18 months. Photo by Stephanie Lynn Photography

The plan was only to breastfeed for a year but once we reached that milestone, it was clear that he was nowhere ready to be done with his mama milk. I decided to let him take the lead and continue nursing on demand until he decided it was time to be done. I did have a fear in the back of my mind… envisioning nursing my high school senior because he never decided to wean lol.

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A Toddler Nursling

I never imagined nursing my son past a year, but here we are at a year and a half with no end in sight. A part of me is ready to move on from this stage but the other is just cherishing these precious moments of bonding with my toddler.


Nursing my son at 18 months. [Photo by Stephanie Lynne Photography]

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Keep Calm and Co-Sleep

“Is it true American mothers put their babies in cages at night?” 

This is a quote from one of my favorite parenting books, The Baby Book by Dr. Sears, in which a Fijian woman had asked this question to an American researcher doing a study on the family sleeping habits of Fijians for the World Health Organization. It is custom for Fijian woman to have their babies in their beds until they are weaned so many of the native women were surprised to even be asked where their babies slept. (Parents Under Construction)

It’s a scientific fact that babies were meant to sleep with their mamas & breastfeed, and in most countries around the world, they do. Unfortunately, in the U.S., co-sleeping seems to be misunderstood and frowned upon… but maybe that’s because our culture has deviated so far from what nature intended that it actually could be dangerous (i.e. bottle fed babies have no incentive to stay close to mom’s breast and therefore may be more likely to venture off the bed or into an compromising position). Continue reading

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A Year of Nursing

If you do any sort of research, you’ll easily discover why breastfeeding is the most natural and nutritious way to feed your baby. Why, then do so many people have trouble and give up? In all honesty, mothers are pretty much set up to fail in our society. At my first OB appointment, I was given a packet with pregnancy information and a sample of formula. This alone, sends the message to expecting women that formula is the new normal or even that they may NEED it. There is also this misconception that our bodies have these fragile systems that are likely to fail, while in reality 95-99% of women will produce enough milk for their babies (see article here). In a perfect world, this welcome packet from OBs and midwives would include breastfeeding info, support groups and even some supply boosting supplements! Continue reading